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I became interested in photography in my late teens, at the same time as I started outdoor activities, starting off with a Halina Paulette 35mm camera.  I used to click away merrily without much thought to composition, eventually accumulating hundreds of colour slides, most of which were absolute rubbish. Once I started on black & white and began printing my own photographs, I very soon realised that things would have to improve if I wasn't to spend hours in the darkroom printing this absolute rubbish.

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I began to think a bit more, looking around for different viewpoints etc., and trying to visualise the end result before pressing the shutter, and results quickly improved.  I progressed to my first SLR camera, a Practika Nova (which I still have), then a second-hand Pentax Spotmatic.  After this was stolen I bought my first Olympus OM1, and I've stuck to these excellent cameras ever since for 35mm work.  In recent years I've used a Bronica SQ outfit (6x6cm) for most of my monochrome work.

Update, June 2014. I stopped using film a long while ago and now use Nikon D300 (D7200 since Aug 2015) and a D200 for timelapse photography.

Here is a selection of my favourites that I've taken over the years - hope you like them.  I will change or add to these on an irregular basis, check the What's New page.

mono-01-t.jpg  mono-02-t.jpg  mono-03-t.jpg  mono-04-t.jpg  mono-05-t.jpg  mono-06-t.jpg  mono-07-t.jpg  mono-08-t.jpg 

mono-09-t.jpg  mono-10-t.jpg  mono-11-t.jpg  mono-12-t.jpg  mono-16-t.jpg  mono-13-t.jpg  mono-17-t.jpg  mono-18-t.jpg 

mono-14-t.jpg  mono-15-t.jpg  mono-19-t.jpg  mono-20-t.jpg  mono-21-t.jpg  mono-22-t.jpg  mono-23-t.jpg  mono-24-t.jpg 

mono-25-t.jpg  mono-26-t.jpg  mono-27-t.jpg  mono-28-t.jpg  mono-29-t.jpg  mono-30-t.jpg  mono-31-t.jpg  mono-32-t.jpg 

mono-33-t.jpg  mono-34-t.jpg  mono-35-t.jpg  mono-36-t.jpg  mono-37-t.jpg  mono-38-t.jpg  mono-39-t.jpg  mono-40-t.jpg  mono-41-t.jpg 

mono-42t.jpg  mono-43t.jpg  mono-44t.jpg  mono45t.jpg  mono46t.jpg  mono47t.jpg  mono48t.jpg  mono49t.jpg 

mono50t.jpg  mono51t.jpg  mono52t.jpg  mono53t.jpg  mono54t.jpg  mono55t.jpg  mono56t.jpg 

mono57t.jpg  mono58t.jpg  mono59t.jpg  mono60t.jpg  mono61t.jpg  mono62t.jpg 

mono63t.jpg  mono64t.jpg  mono65t.jpg  mono66t.jpg  mono67t.jpg  mono68t.jpg  mono69t.jpg 

mono70t.jpg  mono71t.jpg  mono72t.jpg  mono73t.jpg  mono74t.jpg  mono75t.jpg  mono76t.jpg  mono77t.jpg 

mono78t.jpg  mono79t.jpg  mono80t.jpg  mono81t.jpg  mono82t.jpg  mono83t.jpg  mono84t.jpg  mono85t.jpg  mono86t.jpg 

mono87t.jpg  mono88t.jpg  mono89t.jpg  mono90t.jpg  mono91t.jpg  mono92t.jpg  mono93t.jpg  mono94t.jpg 

mono-95t.jpg  mono-96t.jpg  mono-97t.jpg  mono-98t.jpg 

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