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This is a gallery of experimental images where each one is unique and could never be reproduced exactly the same again.  I'm starting off with some smoke patterns but I hope to add bubbles and anything else I can think of.

Smoke    I used a joss stick to create the smoke as I had to have all the doors and windows closed to prevent drafts and if I had to fill the room
with smoke at least it would smell nice!  Lighting was from a single external flash at 90 to the camera and the colours were added later in Photoshop.

smoke01-t.jpg  smoke02-t.jpg  smoke03-t.jpg  smoke04-t.jpg  smoke05-t.jpg  smoke06-t.jpg 

Snow    All taken on Kinder Scout in the Peak District except for number 11 which was on Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales.

snow10-t.jpg  snow09-t.jpg  snow08-t.jpg  snow01-t.jpg  snow04-t.jpg  snow07-t.jpg 

snow06-t.jpg  snow02-t.jpg  snow05-t.jpg  snow03-t.jpg  snow11-t.jpg 

Waves    The first seven taken at Rosscarbery Bay, County Cork, South West Ireland.  10 March 2006
The others taken at Kearvaig Bay, Scotland, May 2015 and Caithness Dec 2015 and Dec 2016.

wave-01-t.jpg  wave-02-t.jpg  wave-03-t.jpg  wave-04-t.jpg  wave-05-t.jpg 

wave-06-t.jpg  wave-07-t.jpg  wave-08t.jpg   


Reeds    Floating on the surface of a small tarn in Snowdonia, North Wales.  10 Sept 2006

reeds01-t.jpg  reeds02-t.jpg  reeds03-t.jpg  reeds04-t.jpg  reeds05-t.jpg 

Surf    Renvyle Beach, Co. Galway, Ireland.  26 May 2009

trans32-t.jpg  trans33-t.jpg  trans34-t.jpg  trans35-t.jpg  trans36-t.jpg  trans37-t.jpg 

Thurso Bay, Caithness, Scotland.   3 January 2018



Paint    Stirred gold paint in a tin.  I'm not entirely happy with these as the metallic particles in the paint are very
reflective which makes the images appear grainy.  I may have another try with a different technique.

paint01t.jpg  paint02t.jpg  paint03t.jpg  paint04t.jpg 

paint05t.jpg  paint06t.jpg  paint07t.jpg  paint08t.jpg 

Water    Only one so far.


Aurora Borealis    Looking across the Pentland Firth to the Island of Hoy, Orkneys, Jan 1st 2016.


Fireworks    Hope Valley, Peak District, 24 Nov 2017.




Sand Patterns    Luskentyre, Western Isles, 18 Apr 2018.


Atmospheric Effects


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