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I've only managed one visit to Switzerland so far, of just one week.  Fortunately we were blessed with glorious weather for almost the whole time we were there and we got quite a lot done in the time.  Although the scenery is spectacular of course, Switzerland is a very expensive place to visit but still gets very crowded in the high summer months, both being major drawbacks to another visit in my opinion.  But I still want to see the Matterhorn before I have to hang up my hiking boots for the last time, though I've no desire to join the queues climbing it, thank you very much.

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We spent the whole week based at Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland.  We started off with an initial day walk up to the famous viewpoint above Kleine Scheidegg to gaze upon the northern bastions of the Oberland.  Then followed a two-day trek to the Bachsee, where we camped, and the summit of the Faulhorn.  A drop of rain the following morning gave us an excuse for a bit of a rest and a visit to the tourist fleshpots of Grindelwald.  Our last two expeditions were a walk in the spectacular Lauterbrunnen Valley, then the following day we took the train up to the Jungfraujoch, the col between the Jungfrau and the Mönch.  The railway is the highest in Europe - and probably the most expensive.   We strolled across the glaciers to the Mönch hut where we spent the night.  On our last day more glacier strolling took us up to the Walcherhorn, an easy minor peak on the north west ridge of the Fiescherhorn.

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