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The Stubai Alps are a popular area of the Austrian Tyrol, lying between the Ötztal mountains in the west and the Zillertal mountains in the east.  About 130 peaks top the 3000m mark, the highest being the Zuckerhütl at 3505m.  The Stubai is generally recognized as an ideal region for a first Alpine season; the peaks are mostly easy and the area lends itself to hut to hut glacier traverses and tours.  The largest glaciers are found on either side of the Hauptkamm but rarely give serious crevasse problems by the normal routes.

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The highest summits can be climbed by straightforward glacier routes, usually well tracked during the season.  But these are high mountains and it should of course be remembered that weather conditions can change dramatically in a few hours.  A simple snow route can then become a serious undertaking.  Often approaches lead from two or more huts to the same mountain and this factor allows ascents of peaks to be combined with hut to hut tours.  While the easy snow routes enjoy the greatest popularity there are nevertheless a considerable number of hard climbs for the more experienced.

Geologically the area is mostly composed of gneiss rock but the Kalkkögel, Serleskamm and Tribulaun group is Dolomite limestone - the Pfierscher Tribulaun is the highest limestone peak in Austria.

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