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9 March 18, part one.       Main purpose of the visit was to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition (see next page) but our booking wasn't until 15:30.
In the mean time we visited the Central Library and the Walker Art Gallery.   Some sun at first, cloudy later.

Radio City TowerJames A. Roberts Associates, 1969.

The Iconinc student accommodation block.   Fletcher Rae, 2017.

St. George's Hall.   Harvey Lonsdale Elmes, 1854.  Grade I listed.

The Walker Art Gallery.   Cornelius Sherlock and H. H. Vale, 1877.

The Walker Art Gallery.

The World Museum.  Opened 1860, expanded 1901 and again early this century.

County Sessions House.   F & G Holme, 1884.  Grade II* listed.

County Sessions House.

The Picton Reading Room, Central Library.   Cornelius Sherlock, 1879.

Entrance to the Central Library extension.

Inside the modern atrium of the Central Library extension.

Inside the Picton Reading Room.

Standard Measures gauge, one foot, two feet and one yard.  St. Georges Square.

Standard Measures gauge, 100 feet and one Standard Chain of 100 links.
 St. Georges Square.

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