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25 November 17       Win Hill.  Snow showers, frequent at first but a bit brighter later.

The Hope Valley from the lower slopes of Win Hill.

First snow of the winter.

Lose Hill with the next shower blowing over from Kinder Scout.

Jaggers Clough at the eastern end of the Kinder Scout plateau.

The Roman road along the north west ridge of Win Hill.

The ridge to Win Hill.

The Kinder Scout plateau.

Snow covered but certainly not frozen - plenty of mud about.

Across the Hope Valley with Hope village on the right.

Lose Hill.

Kinder Scout.

Lose Hill from near the summit of Win Hill.

At the summit of Win Hill.

Bamford Edge and the Derwent Valley from the summit of Win Hill.

Ladybower Reservoir and the Derwent Moors from the summit.

Ladybower Reservoir and the Derwent Moors.

At the summit.

Snow shower petering out over Bradwell Edge.

Heading back in brighter weather.

Dropping down to the Hope Valley.

Mam Tor from the caravan site at Farfield Farm, near Hope village.

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