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24 June 17       Orkney, Rousay.  Heavy showers in the morning but it soon cleared to give a fine day, though very windy again.

The island of Rousay has evidence from every stage in the history of Orkney, with a Neolithic settlement at Rinyo, Bronze Age
burnt mounds, Iron Age crannogs and brochs (the highest density anywhere in Scotland: three within 500 metres of coastline),
Viking boat burials, remains of a medieval church and the stately home at Trumland.  Over 100 archaeological sites have been
identified, but only a small fraction of them have been excavated and researched.  The best known and most spectacular of
the island's archaeological sites is the complex of Midhowe Broch and Midhowe Chambered Cairn.  Blackhammer
Chambered Cairn, Taversoe Tuick, and Yarso are also important tombs on the island.

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The ferry 'MV Eynhallow' at Tingwall on Mainland.

On the ferry, crossing Eynhallow Sound.

Midhowe Broch.

Midhowe Chambered Cairn.  

Blackhammer Chambered Cairn.

It is thought to date from around 3000 BC.

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