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31 August 16        A visit to four parks - Nottingham Science, Highfields, Ruddington Fields Business and Rushcliffe Country.  Sunny.

The No.1 building, Nottingham Science Park.

Metallic sculpture near the entrance to Nottingham Science Park.

Highfields Automotive and Engineering Centre building, Nottingham Science Park.

The No.1 building, Nottingham Science Park.

Biomass heating system building for No.1 Nottingham Science Park.

The Trent Building (Morley Horder 1928), Nottingham University,
over the boating lake in Highfields Park.

Chinese stone lion sculpture in Highfields Park,
one of two gifted by the city of Ningpo in China.

The Trent Building, Nottingham University.

The boating lake at Highfields Park from the Lakeside Arts Centre.

The Experian data centre building, Ruddington Fields Business Park.

EMTEC centre, Nottingham Central College, Ruddington Fields Business Park.

Landscaping at the Ergo House office building, Ruddington Fields Business Park.

Sign at the entrance to Rushcliffe Country Park, Ruddington.

Wooden bench in the shape of an stylised creature.

Wooden carved insect.

Wooden carved plant stamens and insect illustrating pollination.

Wooden seat carved in the style of M.C.Escher.

The lake at Rushcliffe Country Park.

Wooden mushroom ring.

One of the locals.

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