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Northern Ireland

8 June 16        Stranraer to Carrickfurgus.  Ferry over to Northern Ireland then a walk around Carrickfergus
before finishing the day at the camp site at Jordanstown, just north of Belfast.
 Thick fog at first, lifting into low cloud which later cleared to give hazy sun.

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Blind Johnnie's Monument, Stranraer.  Blind Johnnie (John Alexander) was a local street musician.
 The original concertina which Johnnie played is in the local museum (the museum calls it a melodion).
This was the only thing I photographed in Stranraer - not the most photogenic place on a dull misty morning.

On the ferry heading out from Cairnryan.

The mist is starting to clear just a few metres offshore.

The War Memorial, Carrickfergus.

The War Memorial.

'Boot' sculpture on the The War Memorial.

The Clock Tower, Marine Gardens.

'The Knights' sculpture.

'Diving' sculpture, Marine Highway.

Carrickfergus Castle.

Statue of King William of Orange.

The War Memorial Bell Tower, Saint Nicholas' Church.

Saint Nicholas' Church.

West Street.

The Town Hall.  Built in 1779, it was originally the town's courthouse and gaol.

The Loughshore camp site at Jordanstown.  I was joined here by
a couple of friends who were on a cycle tour of Northern Ireland.

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