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28 January 16        A wander around town.  Sunny

The Milliner's Wharf and the Hat Box apartment blocks
over the Ashton Canal, Ancoats.

The Chips building.

The hoUSe modular housing development by Urban Splash,
at the Cotton Field marina, New Islington, Ancoats.

The Rochdale Canal next to the MM2 buildings, Redhill Street, Ancoats.


Albert Square.

The John Rylands library reflected in a puddle, Deansgate.

The John Rylands library, Lincoln House and the entrance
to the Australasia Restaurant, Spinningfields.

The glass entrance to the underground Australasia Restaurant.

Lincoln House (Holford and Associates, 1986), Deansgate.

Through No.3, an artwork by Liz West.
Crown Square, Spinningfields.

Brick filled gabion with timber seating on top, New Bailey Street, Salford.

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