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7 February 17       Catching up with the latest developments.  Sunny.

Cotton Field Park with Murrays' Mills all wrapped up and ready to post.

Cotton Field Wharf apartments, topped out and the cranes have gone.

Cotton Field Wharf.

The Rochdale Canal and Murrays' Mills.

St Peter's Church, Cutting Room Square, Ancoats.

Seating and ventilation vents, Angel Square.

'101 Embankment', topped out and the crane gone.

'One Greengate' apartments now mostly finished.

Salford has acquired a Polar Bear, by Liam Hopkins of Lizerian Studios.

New Bailey Street car park.

Bridges for the new rail link - the Ordsall Chord.

The deck in place for the new bridge over the river Irwell.

The sheds will go once the welding has been finished.

The arches for the Irwell Bridge are being assembled
alongside and will be lifted into place in one go.

Some other bridges have been replaced and widened.

Part of the old viaduct has been widened by building concrete structures
alongside, following the profile of the original brick arches.

The Weathering Steel side panels will go all along the new structures.

The Irwell Bridge arch.

Art-deco building, Quay St., once a garage, now offices.

Glass gradually rising on the mammoth
'No.1 Spinningfields' building.

The river Irwell, new apartments rising on the Salford side.

No.2 St. Peter's Square - just another day at the office.

Work has started on a major refurbishment of the Town Hall.

Plaque in St. Peter's Square, marking the spot
where a time capsule has been buried.

St. Peter's Square tram stop, now completed.

All work on the Second City Crossing tram route is now finished.

Albert Square.

Cross Street.  Some tram testing has been done overnight.

Cross Street.

Corporation Street.

Albert Square, the Albert Memorial and the
Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain.

Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain.

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