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20 August 15        Shrewsbury.     Mostly cloudy at first, brighter with some sun later.

Welsh Bridge, over the river Severn.

The Porthill Footbridge.  Built in 1922 by David Rowell & Co.

Ceramic artwork on the riverside path,
part of the Wakeman 'Look Up' Trail.

The clock tower on the Morris Lubricants factory (1876).

Shrewsbury Railway Station.  Designed by Thomas Mainwaring Penson for
the Shrewsbury to Chester line, Shropshire's first railway.  It opened in 1848.

Stone carving on the Railway Station building.

Timber framed building outside the Castle.

The Castle, now houses a museum and art gallery.

Laura's Tower on the Castle motte.
A folly built by Thomas Telford, circa 1790.

Statue of Charles Darwin, by Horace Montford (1897).

Another splendid timber-framed building.

Severn Bridge Junction Signal Box, now the largest
operational mechanical signal box in the world.

Porch of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin from the churchyard.

The Jessie Window (14th century) in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

St. Julian's Church seen from Fish Street.

Grope Lane.  The name 'Grope Lane' is often explained away today as being
a dark street that people have to grope their way along - don't you believe it.
It is in fact a reference to the sort of activity that went on there - it was the
area for brothels and prostitutes.  At one time many towns and cities had a
'Grope Lane' (or even more explicit) but the Victorians got rid of most of them.

Grope Lane.

The Three Fishes Inn.  Easy to remember the address, it's on Fish Street.

The Darwin Gate sculpture.

The King's Head Inn.  Dates from 1404.

Quantum Leap, the Darwin Memorial Sculpture,
by Pearce & Lal (2009).  Mardol Quay Gardens.

Welsh Bridge and the river Severn from the Frankwell footbridge.

Frankwell Footbridge.  Mott, Hay & Anderson, 1979.

The Theatre Severn building, Frankwell Quay.  Austin Smith Lord, 2009.

Statue of Hercules, Quarry Park.
A copy of the Farnese Hercules statue in Naples.

St. Chad's Church (1792).  The church in which
Charles Darwin was baptised.

Town Walls Tower (14th century), Shrewsbury's last remaining watchtower.

Barracks Passage.  On the right is the Henry Tudor House
restaurant, built early 15th century.

The Blower's Repository building (1902).

The Old Market Hall, built in 1596.

Sundial on the wall of the Old Market Hall.

On the Old Market Hall.

The Old Market Hall.

St. Alkmund's Church (centre) and
St. Julian's Church (right) from Wyle Cop.

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