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11 July 15        Whitby.  Another look at the town plus a couple of short walks
along the coast north and south.   Mostly sunny.

The whalebone arch on the West Cliff.

The whalebone arch and Captain Cook memorial.

On the West Pier of the harbour.

Lighthouse on the West Pier.

It be pirates...!.

On the outer West Pier extension.

Light beacon on the West Pier extension.

Multi-coloured (obviously) beach huts at the er... beach.

Well, there is a beach when the tide is out.

Cleveland Coast waymark.

Over the beach huts to Sandsend Ness.

Sandsend Bay

Whitby Abbey and the Haggerlythe cliff from the 'Khyber Pass' road.

The memorial garden commemorating the bombardment of Whitby in 1914.

Forune teller's kiosk.  No, I didn't go in.

The busy Market Place.

The Old Town Hall (1788), at the Market Place.

Church Lane, at the base of the 199 steps,
with a choir singing in the foreground.

The Scoresby Chair in St. Mary's church.
It is carved in teak taken from the wreck of the 'Royal Charter',
a ship in which William Scoresby had undertaken a scientific
journey to improve the effectiveness of the compass.

Church of Saint Mary.  The church retains its 18th-century box
pews, some of which are inscribed "For Strangers Only".

The piers of Whitby harbour and Sandsend Ness from the coastal path.

Saltwick Nab.

Saltwick Nab over Saltwick Bay.

On the Cleveland Way coastal path.

Whitby Lighthouse on Ling Hill.

My furthest point on the coastal path, just beyond Ling Hill.

Back at Whitby harbour, this time on the East Pier.

Of course, no visit to Whitby would be complete
without sampling the local fish and chips..!

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