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4 February 15      Along the Rochdale Canal from Rochdale to Walsden.  Sunny.

Plan A was for a wander around Rochdale but the view from the tram as it crossed the canal, just before Rochdale,
with the snow covered hills in the background, looked enticing.  Plan B was for a walk along the canal for a bit then
back to Rochdale but the weather was good, and so were the views, so (Plan C) I just kept going.  Fortunately both
the road and railway follow the same route so I knew I could get off the canal virtually anywhere and jump on a
bus or train to get back to Rochdale, or all the way to Manchester in the case of the train.

A 'double' passes over the Rochdale Canal.

Clegg Hall Mill, an early 19th century textile mill.  It was almost
completely destroyed by a fire in 2003 but was rebuilt as apartments.
Behind is the snow covered Blackstone Edge, along which runs the Pennine Way.

Little Clegg swing bridge.

Lock 47, Littleborough Higher Lock.

Lock 46, Bent House Lock.

Approaching Thickone Lock.

Lock 43, Thickone Lock.

Above Lock 39.

Lock 38.

Lock 38.

Sign at Lock 37.

Lock 37, West Summit Lock, 'Highest Broad Lock in England'.  Not the only one though -
obviously the lock at the other end of the summit pound has to be at the same altitude.

Along the summit pound - 183m (600ft) above sea level.

Lock 36, Longlees Lock, at the other end of the summit pound.

Downhill from here, towards Todmorden and Yorkshire.

A look back to the summit pound from Lock 36.

Lock 35, Warland Upper Lock.

Lock 31, Lightbank Lock.

Lock 28, Travis Mill Lock, and St. Peter's Church, Walsden.

Travis Mill Lock.

Travis Mill Lock.

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