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29 December 14       Along the coast from Castletown to Thurso.   Mostly sunny.

The route starts at the Flagstone Trail.  This structure was once a windmill
which was used to power saws for cutting the stone.

The first section is a very muddy track.

Soon we drop to the rocky shore.  Dunnet Head in the distance.

Through the keyhole..!

Easier walking for a while.

But soon we have to take to the higher ground.

Good views of Dunnet Head.

Dunnet Head over Dunnet Bay.

Further along we pass remnants of a former wireless
station, a US Navy Communications Station.

These were the anchors for the mast support cables.

Looking towards Holborn Head.

Looking back towards Dunnet Head.

Harold's Tower, 'The burial place of the Sinclairs of Ulbster'.

Holborn Head with Scrabster on the left.

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