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3 November 14    First day of services on the Metrolink Airport Line which has
opened a full year ahead of schedule, so I went along to have a look.  Sunny.

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Very busy at the Cornbrook stop.  The Airport services are having to terminate here
for the time being as there isn't the capacity for more trams through the city centre
until the Second City Crossing is completed.

Crossing the river Mersey.

Near Sale Water Park stop.

Alongside the M60 motorway.

The tram route crosses the motorway just past here.  The bridge was built
alongside the motorway and wheeled into place during an overnight
closure of the motorway.  There is a timelapse video of the operation here.

Manchester Airport stop.

Two platforms are for Metrolink use.  Beyond the barriers on
the right will be Network Rail's platform 4 when it's completed.

Heading over the airport Skybridge, in search of coffee and cake, as you do.

Having refuelled at the airport I headed out on foot.

Near the airport the line runs off-street alongside Ringway Road.

This area will see major developments in the coming years as Airport City takes shape.

Nearing Shadowmoss Road.

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS(WL).

Shadowmoss Road.  The southern end of the road is
almost under the airport flightpath so the low-level street
lamps are designed to reduce glare on airfield operations.

Approaching Shadowmoss stop.

Another Boeing, Flybe this time.

At Shadowmoss stop.

Shadowmoss stop.

Shadowmoss stop.

Wythenshawe town centre stop and the new Transport Interchange under construction.

The tram leaves Wythenshawe stop and swings round into Simonsway.

Back at Sale Water Park the tram climbs over the Mersey Viaduct.

The river Mersey near Jackson's Boat.  There's no boat
here any more but you will find a historic inn.

At the northern end of the Mersey viaduct.

Hardy Lane, Chorlton.

Hardy Lane.

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