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22 September 14    Clayton, Beswick and a brief foray into Gorton.  Hazy sun.

The recently completed Connell Sixth Form College building, Beswick.

Another recently completed building - Network Rail's North West Operating Centre, Gorton.
The centre is one of 12 which will eventually manage the UK's rail network, replacing more
than 800 signal boxes.  When fully commissioned this building will control all Network Rail
operations throughout the north west of England from Carlisle to Crewe, including Merseyrail.

Wall mural at the National Cycling Centre, Clayton.
These were once the support pillars of a railway viaduct.

Finishing touches on the public realm area of the Etihad Campus Football Academy complex.

The new 7,000-capacity stadium is nearing completion.

The footbridge is now completed but not yet open to the public.

Looking towards the City of Manchester (Etihad) stadium.

And the other way towards the training complex.

The footbridge.

The Etihad Stadium south stand is being enlarged to
bring the stadium's capacity up to more than 55,000.

One of the three huge tower cranes.

Obviously, the roof support pillars can't be moved
so the expansion is being constructed around them.

On the tram back to Droylsden - we were delayed by an
idiot wandering along the track waving at traffic...!

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