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2 September 14    Manchester and Bury.

Took the Bongo up to Bury for its annual service and MOT test.  After dropping it off I jumped
on a tram to Manchester, mainly to have a look at progress on the Victoria Station redevelopment.
 Then back to Bury for a wander round.  Mostly sunny.

The huge new roof takes shape.

The Beetham Tower and the tallest access platform I've ever seen..!

Bury.  The Fusilier Museum.

A display of World War 1 recruiting posters.

Statue of Sir Robert Peel.

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin,
commonly known as Bury Parish Church.

The Castle Armoury, above remnants of Bury Castle.

Art Gallery and Library building.  Woodhouse and Willoughby, 1899-1901.

Detail from the frieze.

Textile Hall.  David Hardman, 1894.

Carving on the Textile Hall depicting "Doffing
bobbins on a roving frame", by Whittick and Royle.

St Marie's RC church, by John Harper of York, 1842.

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