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31 July 14    Sheffield.  Cloudy with a short sharp shower in the late afternoon.

A visit to the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet then a walk round the city centre.

A Jessop's tilt hammer.

Restored worker's cottage.

Inside the Grinding Hull.

The Grinding Hull.

It was in the Grinding Hull that edge tools were sharpened to a fine cutting edge.
Grinding was a very dangerous occupation and at least one fatal accident is known to have
occurred at the hamlet in 1912 when a grindstone 'burst' killing the grinder, and most
grinders suffered from silicosis or 'grinders disease' through inhaling the stone dust.


I'm not sure what this room was used for.

The waterwheel, currently undergoing restoration.

The Tilt Forge workshop.

Crucible furnaces.

Crucible furnaces.

City Centre.  'Mother and Child' by George Fullard.

Water feature outside the Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens.

The Winter Gardens.

'Barking Up the Right Tree'.  Interactive sculpture
by Johnny White, inside the Millennium Gallery.

Made from cutlery donated by the public.

'Yorkshire in Yellow', a display to celebrate the Tour de France.

Police box, 40 years old and still in use - the sole survivor of 120 boxes.

Q Park building (car park).

A Supertram.

The Cathedral.

The Lantern Tower.

The Nave.

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