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19 Mar 14  Bleaklow from Slippery Stones.  Sunny.

As the weather was fine on the way back from Nottingham I decided on a quick thrash up Bleaklow.
I surprised myself by feeling fitter than I expected, as I've not done any serious walking since I had the hand surgery.
I wasn't able to grip a walking pole for a while and I didn't want to risk tripping and falling on the hand.  That's
how it all started in the first place - coming off the Howgills many years ago I slipped backwards and as I put out my
hands as I fell, the finger caught on a rock and was bent backwards.  It was never the same after that but got a lot
worse in the last year or so.

The upper reaches of the Derwent Valley, above Howden reservoir.

Looking towards Crow Stones Edge.

The infant river Derwent.

The Bleaklow plateau over the river Derwent.

The Derwent valley from the Shepherd's Meeting Stones.

Dean Head Stones.

Dean Head Stones.

Heading back down the Derwent Valley.

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