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11 Mar 14  Etihad Campus, City Centre, Oldham, Salford Quays.  Sunny.

A quick look at the new Etihad Campus footbridge in better light.

Manchester Art Gallery.  Sir Charles Barry, 1824.

The Rising Sun, Queen Street.

The Royal Bank of Scotland building, Spinningfields.

The 'clothes peg' sculpture, Spinningfields.

Sunlight House, Quay Street.  Grade II listed, built 1932 by Joseph Sunlight.

Great Northern Warehouse and the Beetham Tower.

Great Northern Tower apartment block.

The Manchester Wheel, Piccadilly Gardens.

Statue of James Watt, (by William Theed, 1857).

The Manchester Wheel and City Tower.

Oldham.  Metrolink tram near the Westwood stop.

Oldham King Street stop.

Oldham King Street stop.

Oldham Central stop.

Oldham Central stop.

Oldham, Union Street.

Union Street.

Union Street.

Union Street.

Oldham Mumps stop.

Union Street.

To Salford Quays for some dusk/night shots.

MediaCityUK and the swing bridge.

Imperial War Museum North.

Imperial War Museum North, viewing platform.

Imperial War Museum North.


The Millennium Footbridge.
Often called the Lowry Footbridge.

The Lowry Arts Centre.

The Lowry Arts Centre piazza.

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