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26 Feb 14   I was heading for Manchester on the tram but as it passed the Etihad Campus
I noticed the first section of the footbridge was being lifted into place so I leapt off and took
some photos.  Then on to Manchester centre for a bit and finally, as it seemed to be shaping
up for a fine evening, I jumped on a tram for Salford Quays for the sunset and a pint at
the Lowry, as you do.  Showers at first then a fine evening.

First section of the Etihad Campus Footbridge.

A new sculpture at Spinningfields in the shape of an old-fashioned
clothes peg, which appears to be 'pinching' up the lawn.

Plate on the Prince's Bridge.  A former road bridge over the Irwell,
now used as a pedestrian and cycle route.  However, it will soon have
to be removed to make way for the Ordsall Chord rail link project.

Salford Quays.  Ontario Basin and a passing tram.

The Watersports Centre, Ontario Basin.
The cable and support is for a Wakeboarding cable tow.

Central Bay, Welland Lock.  This part is open to the Ship Canal,
which is also the river Irwell at this point.  A lot of the debris that
gets washed down the river after heavy rain gets trapped in these
open docks, especially if there's a westerly wind blowing.  It gets
cleared regularly though.

The rather nondescript building at the back is a Holiday Inn.

Welland Lock.

Tales of Things QR code on the Lowry Footbridge (sic).

Imperial Point apartments.

The Lowry Arts Centre.

Sunset over MediaCity.

The Quay West building at sunset.

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