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18 Feb 14   Manchester and then to Salford Quays to take some night shots.
Mostly sunny, a shower or two later.

The former Manchester Metropolitan University School of Business building, Aytoun Street.

The Renold building, University of Manchester.
Architect: W.A.Gibbon of Cruikshank and Seward, 1962

'Archimedes' sculpture by Thompson W Dagnall, 1990.

Student Castle apartment block seen from an alleyway off Princess Street.

The John Garside Building (Anshen & Allen, 2006).
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, University of Manchester.

MyFutureFest teepees at University Place, Oxford Road.

The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Building.
University of Manchester, Oxford Road.

Some promotion event at Domino's Pizzas.
I know not what - free pizzas by the look of the queue.

MediaCityUK at dusk.

The Metrolink tram stop.

MediaCityUK, the piazza.

MediaCity bridge and the Imperial War Museum North.

The Lowry Arts Centre.

Imperial War Museum North.

The Millennium Footbridge.

Sometimes called the Lowry Footbridge.

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