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16 August 13   A stroll around Rochdale.   Mostly sunny.

The infrastructure is now just about finished for the Metrolink extension to the town centre.
The first section, on leaving the Railway Station stop, is on a segregated tramway.

The tramway continues for a short time on Drake Street.  Originally
there was to be a tram stop here but it was dropped on the final plans.

Continuing down Drake Street, the trams now run on street.

As we approach the town centre there is a short section of single line.
Still some work being done on the points.

The single line section.

The view of the town centre stop from the car park.  The river Roch runs under here -
that's the reason for the single line section.  The culvert would have had to be
strengthened to allow two trams to cross over it at the same time.

The new 'transport interchange' (aka bus station).

Finishing touches outside the Metrolink stop.

The new council offices and library from the tram stop.
The old council offices on the left, nicknamed the 'black box', is
due for demolition, along with the multi-storey car park behind.

'Unity', by Alec Peever 1994.  On the Esplanade.

Commissioned to mark the 150th anniversary of the Rochdale Pioneers.

Blue plaque about the Roch Bridge - 'The widest bridge in Europe'.

Rochdale Town Hall.

Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

Based in the actual building that was the first Co-op store, in Toad Lane.

Sign outside the museum.

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