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31 May 13   The latest Metrolink extension opened on the 23rd May, on the
South Manchester line to East Didsbury, so I had a ride out to have a look.  Sunny.

East Didsbury stop.  There's not much to see except for a large Park & Ride area.
East Didsbury is the current terminus and will be for the forseable future,
though there are plans to continue the line to Stockport one day.

East Didsbury stop.  The Trans-Pennine Trail runs alongside the line here.

East Didsbury stop.

East Didsbury stop.

West Didsbury stop.

Burton Road stop.

The Rhodes Clock, Didsbury.
A memorial to Dr J Milson Rhodes (1847-1909), who both professionally, and as a social worker,
did much for the poor, particularly the young people assigned to the Nell Lane Workhouse and
those suffering from TB.  He was responsible for the founding of a colony for epileptics at Langho,
near Whalley in Lancashire, to which the epileptics from the Workhouse were transferred.  At his
suggestion children were removed from the workhouse to cottage homes at Styal.  In the year
following his death this memorial clock and drinking fountain were built outside the railway
station as a tribute to Dr Rhodes.  The clock is inscribed with the words: 'A Friend to Humanity'.

Didsbury Library.
Alderman Fletcher Moss was dismayed by Didsbury's lack of a library, and persuaded one
of the richest men of the time, American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, to pay for one.  
It was designed by Henry Price, the Manchester City architect, and was erected in 1915.

Ayres Violins shop, Didsbury.

New town houses, Didsbury.

The trams run through to Rochdale from East Didsbury so I stayed
on it to have a look at the latest happenings at the other end of the line.
At present the trams terminate at Rochdale railway station but work is well
under way to continue the line on-street to the town centre.

Drake Street.

The new council offices and library opened recently.

Number One, Riverside.

Victoria station, Manchester.  Currently undergoing a major refurbishment, including
a new roof.  At the moment there is a temporary roof supported by a mass of scaffolding.

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