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5 Mar 13   First trams to Ashton under Lyne.  Frost and mist overnight.

The first gauging test was last night but apparently they ran out of time
and didn't quite make it to the Ashton stop, but tonight they got there.

I had a ride to Audenshaw my on bike to see if anything was happening.  Nothing seemed
to be moving but as I set off towards Ashton they took me by surprise.  I managed a quick
shot as they passed and I tried to keep up with them towards Ashton but they were going too fast..!

2:00am, Ashton under Lyne.

For the foreseeable future this will be the terminus of the East Manchester Line,
though if Tameside council ever gets its way it will eventually continue to Stalybridge.

I'm off to Scotland next week so that's it for trams for a while.
(Thank gawd for that - ed.)

Who said that...?!

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