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8 Feb 13   Metrolink - first passenger services to Droylsden.  Sunny, once it had risen.

Passenger services officially begin on Monday the 11th but residents of Droylsden and Clayton have been
sent free travel vouchers, valid for three days prior to the official opening, as a 'thank you' for all the disruption
we've had to put up with during construction.  As it happened they were handing them out at the tram
stops as well so anyone could have come along (and did) over the weekend and had a free ride.

4:45 am - a deserted Victoria station in Manchester.

I was offered a lift to catch the first tram to Droylsden, so why not.

The famous map on the wall.

Signs now showing Droylsden as a destination.... are the ticket machines.

And for the first time on a tram itself - Droylsden.

Some fellow tram nutters enthusiasts.

Approaching Droylsden - respect....!

At Droylsden centre.

Droylsden.  Trams will run through to Bury from here.

At Edge Lane stop, my local.

Off home for a brew and a kip.

Back at Edge Lane later in the day.

Back up to Droylsden.

Droylsden stop.

New Islington stop and the Chips building, Ancoats.

New Islington stop and the Islington Wharf apartment block.

New Islington stop and the Milliners Wharf apartment block.

Etihad Campus stop, outbound.

Etihad Campus stop, outbound.

Match day turnstile exit, Etihad Campus.

Off-street section next to the Etihad Campus.

Passing Asda near the Velodrome stop.

At the Velodrome stop.

Passing Asda, inbound

At the Velodrome stop.

Velodrome stop.

Two trams at the Velodrome stop.

Clayton Hall stop and the Church of St Cross.

Clayton Hall stop.

Clayton Hall stop.

From here the trams run on-street along Ashton New Road.

Outbound to Droylsden.

A fine sunset to end the day.

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