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2 Feb 13   Droylsden to Ashton, along the tram route.  Fine and sunny.

The final phase of testing is under way between Manchester and Droylsden.
'Ghost' running to a full timetable but without passengers.

At Cemetery Road stop.


Inbound, near Droylsden centre.

At Droylsden Centre.

The CIS building in Manchester centre in the distance.

Droylsden stop with the Pennines in the distance.

At Droylsden stop.

At Droylsden stop.

On the turnback siding at Droylsden.

Looking towards Ashton and the Pennines.

Manchester Road, Audenshaw.  Interesting how this junction is laid
out as the tram tracks are both on the same side of the road.

Audenshaw stop.

Looking towards Ashton.  The line goes off street from here.

Landscaping on Lord Sheldon Way.

Turnback points on Lord Sheldon Way.

Overhead line equipment.

Over the M60 motorway.

And over the roundabout.

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