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15 Jan 13   Cnoc Craggie and the Kyle of Tongue, Sutherland.  A superb winter's day.

The plan was for an early start to climb Beinn Stumanadh but the Cailleach Bheur had other plans.  I woke up early enough, had
breakfast and got ready but then found I couldn't get out of the campervan..!  Last night's wet snow and sleet had frozen hard and
had glued the doors shut.   I had to clamber over the seats to start the engine in order to get the heater going and it took a good half
hour before I could open the doors.  Then I found I couldn't get the roof down as the runners were iced up, so more delay while they
were thawing, fortunately helped by the sun which was now up.  All in all I was delayed about two hours, so Beinn Stumanadh was a
non-starter.  Instead I walked up the small peak of Cnoc Craggie, just off the A836 to the north of Ben Loyal, which I guessed would
be a good viewpoint, and so it proved.  As it happened, Beinn Stumanadh kept a cloud cap until very late in the day so it turned out
to be a good move in the end.

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Boat house near Loch Loyal lodge, with Beinn Stumanadh behind.

Cnoc nan Cùilean from the abandoned cottage at Lettermore.

Loch Loyal from Lettermore cottage.

The Sgòr Chaonasaid top of Ben Loyal on the left.

Beinn Stumanadh over Loch Loyal.

Cnoc nan Cùilean reflected in the Allt Tòr an Tairbh.

Ben Hope from the ridge of Cnoc Craggie.

The misty Sgòr Chaonasaid top of Ben Loyal.

The Sgòr Chaonasaid top of Ben Loyal from the summit of Cnoc Craggie.

Ben Loyal and Ben Hope from the summit of Cnoc Craggie (319m).

Ben Hope from the summit of Cnoc Craggie.

Mist clearing from the hills to the south.

Beinn Stumanadh from the summit of Cnoc Craggie.

Beinn Stumanadh still has its cloud cap.

Ben Hope from the A836 road above Tongue.

A few whisps of mist still cling to An Caisteal, the highest top of Ben Loyal.

Ben Hope again, from above Tongue.

Ben Hope and Caisteal Bharraich, Tongue.

Ben Loyal from the old road around the Kyle of Tongue.

Ben Hope from Loch na Cuilce.

Ben Loyal.

Ben Loyal over the tidal mud flats at the head of the Kyle of Tongue.

One of the locals admiring the view.

My perch for the night.

Last rays of the sun touch Ben Loyal.

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