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19 Oct 12   Quinag (Cuinneag), near Kylesku, Sutherland.

Mostly fine and sunny after overnight frost but with some cloud in the late afternoon.

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Sunrise on the Quinag ridge.

Loch Glencoul with the Foinaven range in the far distance.
The rocks were covered in thick frost and were very slippery.

The sun comes up over Loch Assynt.

The magnificent Suilven.

Canisp, Cul Mor and Suilven over Loch Assynt.

Ptarmigan near the summit of Spidean Coinich.

Cul Mor and Suilven from the first summit of the Quinag ridge, Spidean Coinich (764m).

Loch Glencoul from Spidean Coinich.
On the left is Sàil Gharbh, the highest summit of Quinag (803m).

Loch Assynt and Ben More Assynt over the east ridge of Spidean Coinich.
The frost started to melt as soon as the sun touched the rocks - and for a
short time until the ice completely melted, made them even more deadly.

Suilven, Loch Assynt and the wonderful rugged landscape of the Lewisian Gneiss.

Ben Mor Assynt over Lochan Bealach Cornaidh.
From above the Bealach Cornaidh on the ridge of Sàil Gharbh.

Suilven and Loch Assynt over the north summit of Spidean Coinich (point 713m).
The descent on the steep narrow ridge down to the col was
rather er... 'interesting' on the frost covered rocks.

The twin lochs of Loch Glencoul and Loch Glendu with the hills of the Reay Forest in the distance.

The Kylesku Bridge from the summit of Sàil Gharbh.

The Reay Forest from the summit ridge of Sàil Gharbh.

At the summit of Sàil Gharbh (803m).

Two walkers on the ridge of Spidean Coinich with Suilven and Cul Mor behind.

Lochan Bealach Cornaidh below Spidean Coinich, from Sàil Gharbh.
Canisp behind.

Suilven and Cul Mor over the dip in between the two peaks of Spidean Coinich.

Along the ridge of Sàil Gharbh to the unnamed peak at point 745m.

The western end of Suilven with Stac Pollaidh and the mountains of Coigach behind.

Spidean Coinich from point 745.

The Kylesku Bridge over Loch a' Chàirn Bhàin, with Foinaven and the Reay Forest behind.

Along the ridge to point 745 from the northern summit, Sàil Gorm (776m).

At the col at the foot of point 745.

The ridge to Sàil Gorm from point 745.
This peak can be easily bypassed to the Bealach Cornaidh but the light
was better now so I traversed it again, as you do.

Spidean Coinich from point 745m.

Point 713 of Spidean Coinich with Canisp behind.

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