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09 Jul 12    Wick, Caithness.  Cloudy at first, brighter later.

Wick harbour.

The Old Fog Cannon (1881).

The marina.

Lifeboat and harbour.

Barometer at the harbour.

The Black Steps.  Subject of a painting by L.S. Lowry.

A depiction in stone of Lowry's painting.

The Seven Gates.  A row of seven metal artworks forming gates over the entrances of Wick Harbour's salt cellars:
the large chambers needed to store the salt used when packing herring into barrels.
The gates were designed by artists Sue Jane Taylor and Liz O'Donnell and made by blacksmith Ian Sinclair,
based on the drawings of Wick schoolchildren. They were installed in 2006.


The Memorial Garden (to commemorate victims of World War 2 air raids).

The Memorial Garden.

Mosiac on the wall of the Memorial Garden.

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