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13 Jun 12   Part two.  Metrolink service to Oldham starts today.  Cloudy with some rain later.

At Trafford Bar stop, the first stop of the day as the trams leave the depot.
5.13am and here comes the first tram to Oldham Mumps.

Newton Heath.  A glimpse of the 'finback' bridge through the driver's cab.

The 'finback' bridge takes us over the heavy rail line which leads to Rochdale and Yorkshire.

At Oldham Mumps just before 6.00am - plenty of people about.
I didn't take many photos on the first journey out as the tram was crowded and the light poor.

Oldham Mumps Temporary stop.  At the moment the line bypasses Oldham on the old heavy rail
loop line but construction is currently under way to take the line 'on street' through the town centre.
 Once this is completed, in 2014, the temporary stop and infrastructure will be removed from the
loop line, to be re-used (I believe) on the Airport line which is due to open in 2016.

The tram crosses over to the inbound track.

A word with the driver before we head back to Manchester and the St. Werburgh's Road temporary
terminus at Chorlton.  Next year the line will be extended to Didsbury (currently under construction).

All aboard for the return journey.

A bit less crowded on the way back.

Manchester Victoria and our tram for the second run up to Oldham.

Much quieter now, but it's still only 6.40am.

Central Park stop through the driver's cab.

Oldham Mumps again, at the turnback points.

Chatting to the driver.

He seems to be enjoying himself.

Central Park stop - the most impressive on the system I reckon.

Central Park.

Working on a ticket machine.

South Chadderton stop and it's raining.

Heading back to Oldham for the third time..!

Oldham Mumps yet again.

Oldham Mumps.

Oldham Mumps for the last time - for today anyway.  I'll be back again in better weather.

Newton Heath and Moston stop.  My final tram for the day - I walked home from here.
Note that there's only one platform.  There is a short stretch of single line working here as
the other track, on the left, is retained by Network Rail for access to a waste recycling facility.

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