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8 Feb 12   A round of Black Hill from Crowden in Longdendale.  Some cloud early in the morning
but it brightened up later.  It didn't warm up though - it was a bitterly cold day with a stiff north east wind.

Ice in the upper reaches of Crowden Great Brook.

Crowden Great Brook.

Looking back to Crowden Great Brook from near the summit.
Three of only five people I saw in the hills today.

At the summit of Black Hill, 582m.

One of the other two people I saw today, at the summit.

On Tooleyshaw Moor, looking across Longdendale to the Bleaklow plateau.

On Tooleyshaw Moor, looking across the valley of Crowden Little Brook.

Bleaklow over Hey Edge, from Westend Moss.

Longdendale from the slopes of Westend Moss.

On the summit of Hey Edge, looking towards the upper reaches of Longdendale.

On the summit of Hey Edge, looking back to Westend Moss.

Woodhead Reservoir, Longdendale, from the quarry track above Brockholes, Crowden.

Bleaklow and Longdendale, from the quarry track.

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