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26 Oct 11   A walk to Ashton to check the latest Metrolink works.
Mainly sunny.

Droylsden centre.  The last section of the outbound track to Droylsden nearing completion.

Droylsden gets its clock back.  It's been away for refurbishment while the
Metrolink works and remodelling of Villemomble Square have been going on.

Just east of Droylsden, work begins on the inbound track.

Further east still, in Audenshaw, rebar stacked ready for the track base.

Some track already laid on the off street section at the Snipe, Audenshaw.

Near the Snipe Inn the rebar is mostly in position on the outbound side.

Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton.  The tracks run in the central reservation here.

Near to Ashton centre the tracks cross back to the side of the road.
Taken from the top floor of the Ikea car park.

Laying rebar for the inbound track, the outbound is already concreted.

Zooming over Lord Sheldon Way to the tower blocks of Manchester city centre.

The future Ashton tram terminus.  The base for the platforms is in position.

A view of Ashton with the Pennines behind.

Zooming over Chadderton to the Scout Moor wind farm, Rossendale.

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