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29 Sept 11   A stroll through Manchester's Northern Quarter to Victoria station,
then jumped on a train to Wigan, as you do.  Another hot and sunny day.

Cotton Street, Ancoats.

Suspended ball sculpture, Skyline Central apartments.

The new Co-Op headquarters nearing 'topping out'.

Working on the new building.

Trencherfield Mill, Wigan.  Originally a cotton spinning mill, built in 1907 for William Woods & Sons Ltd.
Now converted to commercial, retail and leisure space, and apartments.  The mill engine<
has been preserved and restored, and can be seen in steam each Sunday morning.
The 'faces' sculpture is by Andy Hazell.

The Walker Indestructible Fan, Trencherfield Mill.
This was the stand-by ventilating fan at Sutton Manor Colliery.

On the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The Orwell pub at Wigan Pier.

Bargee, Wigan Pier.

Pit Brow Lass, Wigan Pier.

A narrowboat on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan Pier.

The Wigan Dry Dock, Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The Wigan Dry Dock.

Apartments by Lock 87.

Some of the locals watching the world go by.

Lock 86.  Restricted space means there's no room for mainbeams
so the gates have a winching mechanism.

The 'Wigan Life Healthy Living Centre' building.

The Town Hall.  Briggs & Wolstenholme, 1901-3.

Wigan Public Library.  Alfred Waterhouse, 1878.
Now houses the Museum of Wigan Life.

Detail from the Wigan Public Library building.

Detail from the Wigan Public Library building.

Standishgate and the Marketgate shopping centre.

The Parish Church of All Saints.  Most of the present structure was erected
between 1845 and 1850, when the Church was almost entirely rebuilt.

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