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25 August 11   Bus to Manchester, tram to Salford Quays and back, then walked home along the Ashton canal.  Sunny.

The CIS building.  Gordon Tait and G. S. Hay, 1962.  
When completed, the CIS was the third tallest building in Europe and for 43 years was the UK's
tallest building outside of London.   In 2004-5 the service tower was clad in 7,000 solar panels,
at a cost of 5.5 million, which generate 180,000 kWh per year.  It is the UK's largest solar
array and Europe's largest vertical solar array.

Apartments styles, Green Quarter.

St. Michael's Flags (Angel Meadow) with the new Co-Operative headquarters rising in the background.
It's hard to believe that this quiet pleasant oasis near the city centre was once one of the most notoriously
overcrowded districts in Manchester, described by Angus Reach in 1847 as: "the lowest, most filthy, and
the most wicked locality in Manchester, inhabited by prostitutes, their bullies, thieves, cadgers, vagrants,
tramps, and, in the very worst sties of filth and darkness, those unhappy wretches, the low Irish."
More details here

Workman on the roof of Manchester Central exhibition hall, formerly GMEX and before that the
Central Railway Station (opened 1880).  Grade 2 listed.

Feeding the locals at Salford Quays.

Waiting for some wind.

They're doing it the easy way.

And these are doing it the hard way.  Looks like they're having fun though..!

The Mariner's Canal with the NV apartments in the background.

Back to Manchester.  The old fire station on London Road, designed by Woodhouse, Willoughby and Langham
in red brick and terracotta and opened in 1906.  It's a grade 2 listed building and was placed on English Heritage's
'Buildings at Risk' register in 2001.  After being sat on by a 'developer' for 20 years the building
is now subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order from Manchester City Council.

Piccadilly Station, London Road

The Macdonald Manchester Hotel, London Road.  Architect J L Hammond, 1973.
Formerly Telecom House, British Telecom offices.

The Macdonald Manchester Hotel, London Road.

The Barnes Wallis Building, UMIST.   Architect W.A.Gibbon of Cruikshank & Seward, 1963/4.
In front is the 'Generation of Possibilities' sculpture by Paul Frank Lewthwaite, 1999.

Piccadilly Point student accommodation block.  UNITE, 2007

The City Tower (Piccadilly Plaza) from the Ashton canal.

Plenty of locks to negotiate on this stretch.

Passing a well known local landmark.

The Velodrome.  Some of the security fencing had been removed so I was able to nip round
it and take some photos of the new bridge, which was still blocked off unfortunately.

The BMX Centre and the new bridge over the Ashton canal.
Looks like the whole complex is now to be called the Manchester Velopark.

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