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28 June 11.  Beinn Stumanadh, Sutherland.  Mainly sunny.

Ben Loyal from the path to Achnenclach bothy.

Ben Loyal and Ben Hope from Achnenclach bothy

Near Achnenclach bothy

Ben Loyal and Achnenclach bothy

Creag Dhubh

Creag Dhubh from the unnamed tarn east of the main summit.

Ben Loyal from Beinn Stumanadh summit.

Ben Klibreck from the summit.

Beinn Stumanadh summit.
Only 527m (1729ft) but with a view out of all proportion to its height.

Ben Klibreck over Loch Loyal.

Ben Loyal and Ben Hope from the Sròn Ruadh spur.

Ben Klibreck from the Sròn Ruadh spur.

On Sròn Ruadh, looking down on the spit of land that separates Loch Loyal and Loch Craggie.

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