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8 April 11.  A walk to Manchester and Salford Quays.  Bright sun.

Metrolink works near Holt Town.  Overhead line equipment now being installed.

Lots of activity at the New Islington stop.

The rusty looking building is an electricity sub-station, built from weathered steel (Corten).

One of the old original entrances to Piccadilly Station
(or London Road Station as it would have been known then).

101 Piccadilly and the 'Manchester Curve' footbridge.

'The Still Point' by Colin Spofforth, in Piccadilly Place.

A new Metrolink tram passes Piccadilly Place.

Piccadilly Place and the 'Manchester Curve' footbridge.

'Casuals', now completed.  One of the Unlocking Salford Quays sculptures.
Cast in the shape of the dockers' union cards to act as a reminder of the people who
worked on the Quays.  Designed with the help of former dock workers.

Detail from 'Casuals'.

MediaCity footbridge from the new promenade.
Still not open but the security fences have been removed.

The new footbridge.

Detail from the footbridge.

NV apartments.

Anchor sculpture outside 'The Anchorage' building.

Erie's Rest.  One of the Unlocking Salford Quays sculptures.

Mariners Canal.

St. Francis Basin.

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