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14 Jan 2001  Back to one of my favourite stomping grounds today.  Clear on the western side of the hills but a stiff easterly wind brought low cloud in from the east.  This cleared later in the afternoon, only to return towards evening, giving some interesting effects for a time.  A bitterly cold day but at least the usually soggy peat bogs were well frozen which made for easy walking, if a little hard on the feet.

A mist covered Kinderlow End from the path out of Hayfield.

Mist pouring over Brown Knoll, seen from Mount Famine.

In the afternoon the mists cleared to reveal Edale in all its glory.

Half an hour later and the mists started to form again at the valley head.

Late afternoon now at the strange rock sculptures of the Woolpacks.

I couldn't resist lingering to watch the setting sun as it set the mists afire.
But then I had to race back to Hayfield - a frozen Kinder Plateau is not a place to be after dark.

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