A Digital Restoration
of a century-old print

Photographs on this page © Glynis Mather,
reproduced with permission.

The original print, dated c1889, measured about 3x2 inches, was low in contrast and had been physically damaged, as shown on the smaller image above.  In order to restore it I first re-photographed the print and enlarged it onto a 10x8 sheet (I didn't have a scanner at the time and didn't want to send the original away to be scanned).  Once I had the image in the computer I increased the contrast and sharpened it slightly before restoring the missing areas using the 'Clone' tool.  This part was relatively easy as, fortunately, the missing areas were either grass or very dark.  I then removed the scratches and dust marks using the 'Single Pixel' or 'Clone' tools, while viewing at high magnification.  Finally, more adjustment of contrast and brightness, then another cycle of 'Sharpen'.  Any more attempts to sharpen it resulted in a very grainy picture.  The final image was sent away to be transferred to 35mm film as a negative, from which normal photographic enlargements were made.
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