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Athough monochrome is my preferred medium, there are undoubtedly some subjects that work better in colour - sunsets are an obvious one!  Here is a selection that I think either benefit from colour, or just wouldn't work at all in monochrome.  Although I've dabbled with colour printing, on Cibachrome, I always found it a bit tedious.

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I used to use mostly Kodak Ektachrome EPN 100 but now I much prefer Ektachrome 100VS, and I leave it to the professionals for processing.

They have had a little manipulation in the computer to correct the after-effects of re-sampling etc. and some increase in contrast & brightness on a couple of them.  Other than that they are as taken.

Oh, alright, I own up - there was a rather obtrusive road sign on photo 7 that's been removed, and a rucksack in the bottom right corner of photo 3.  But that's it, honest!

I will be adding to and changing these pictures whenever the mood takes me - come back again and check the What's New page.

Update, June 2014.  The above was written years ago - I've long since given up the darkroom in favour of Photoshop.

colour01-t.jpg  colour02-t.jpg  colour03-t.jpg  colour04-t.jpg  colour05-t.jpg  colour06-t.jpg 

colour07-t.jpg  colour08-t.jpg  colour09-t.jpg  colour10-t.jpg  colour11-t.jpg  colour12-t.jpg 

colour13-t.jpg  colour14-t.jpg  colour15-t.jpg  colour16-t.jpg  colour17-t.jpg  colour18-t.jpg  colour19-t.jpg 

colour20-t.jpg  colour21-t.jpg  colour22-t.jpg  colour23-t.jpg  colour24-t.jpg  colour25-t.jpg  colour26-t.jpg 

colour27-t.jpg  colour28-t.jpg  colour29-t.jpg  colour30-t.jpg 






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