ork-15.jpg The Italian Chapel

The Italian Chapel was built by Italian prisoners of war
during World War II, who were housed here here while they
constructed the Churchill Barriers to the east of Scapa Flow.
It is now a popular tourist attraction, and a category A listed building.  Most of the interior decoration was done by
Domenico Chiocchetti, a prisoner from Moena.  He painted
the sanctuary end of the chapel and fellow prisoners
decorated the entire interior.  They created a façade
out of concrete, concealing the shape of the hut and
making the building look like a church.  The light
holders were made out of corned beef tins and the
baptismal font was made from the inside of a car exhaust
covered in a layer of concrete.  Chiocchetti remained
on the island to finish the chapel, even when his fellow
prisoners were released shortly before the end of the war.

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