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This is a selection of photographs from areas of Norway where I was either unlucky with the weather or was travelling through.  Whatever the reason, I haven't enough on each subject to merit a full section.  I was beaten by the weather in Trollheimen and although I succeeded in climbing the highest peak in the area, Snota, it was a very dull day and the photographs were disappointing.  I waited another day but was eventually driven away by a deadly combination of rain and midges, which were as bad as, if not worse, than Scotland (no mosquitoes here though, strangely).

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The Junkerdal and Okstinden photos were taken on the same day.  I'd camped in Junkerdal overnight and, after photographing the peak the following morning, I headed south.  I had intended travelling all day but the weather was too good to waste sitting in the car, so after getting an enticing glimpse of the Okstinden mountains from the road, I stopped, bought a map and headed for the nearest likely looking peak.  I was late setting off of course and didn't get back to the car until after dark, then had to find somewhere to camp.  It wasn't until the early hours of the next morning that I eventually got to sleep after a very long but worthwhile day.  

Two of the other photos are from the camp site at Bodø, one from the ferry arriving at Molde, and the rest from the roadside while travelling.

Næröyfdalen  Næröyfdalen  Geirangerfjord  Geirangerfjord  Trollheimen 

Saltfjorden, Bodø  Börvasstindan  Solvågtind  Solvågtind 

Okstindan Mountains  Okstindan Mountains  Okstindan Mountains  Moldefjorden 

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