Vincent Lowe Photography - Images of the Svartisen/Saltfjellet area, Norway
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Our tour began with a trek through the Svartisen National Park.  The Svartisen ('Black Ice') is Norway's second largest icefield, though strictly speaking the rapidly retreating ice is split into two, the Vestisen and Austisen (West and East ice).  The ice caps now cover an area of about 143 sq. miles (370 sq. km) - when it was measured in 1905 it covered 192 sq. miles (498 sq. km).  Our route took us from near Glomfjord, skirted the Svartisen ice cap to the north, then crossed over Gråtådalen (the Valley of Caves) to the village of Tverrånes in Beiardalen.  As the valley name might suggest, this is one of the most important caving areas in Norway.  The geology of the area is very complex, the limestone outcrops occurring in narrow bands and occupying only about 15% of the land surface.

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From Tverrånes we entered the Saltfjellet National Park and followed the high plateau northwards.  The Saltfjellet region is a high undulating moorland from which rise several impressive isolated peaks. Unfortunately we didn't see much of them as most of our two day trek through here was spent in rain and mist.  We finished off through the Lurfjellet and Börvasstindan ranges, returning to civilization at Åseli.

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