Vincent Lowe Photography - Images of the Rondane Mountains, Norway
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The Rondane National Park covers an area of 572 (220 sq. miles) of which about a third is in the high alpine zone, that is above about 1300m (4200 ft).  It is a typical Central Mountain area, presenting a large zone of almost unbroken upland.  It is relatively dry, being in the rain shadow of the major coastal ranges and, although the highest peaks approach the altitude of the Jotunheimen (several summits exceed 2000m mark), there are no glaciers.  Parts of the area are outstanding for wildlife and both the flora and fauna are protected in reserves.

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My one and only visit came towards the end of my 1995 six week tour and, coming after visits to the spectacular peaks of the Sulitjelma and Okstindan mountains, I found the Rondane rather disappointing.  I spent just one night here and climbed the highest peak, Rondslottet (2178m, 7146 ft), in glorious sunshine the following day.  One day is hardly enough to get a fair impression of an area and I'm probably doing it an injustice but I was too impatient to press on to the majestic peaks of the Jotunheimen while the weather held.  One good thing about the Rondane though, the dry climate keeps the mosquitoes and midges away - a blessed relief!

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