Vincent Lowe Photography - Images of the Romsdal area, Norway
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Romsdal is one of the most famous areas of Norway, but known more for its rock climbing routes than as a trekking area.  These include the Romsdalhorn and the famous Troll Wall (Trolltind).  Not far from here is the valley of Isterdal with, at its head, the spectacular hairpins of the Trollstigen road.  Further east is Lake Eikesdal, one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Norway.  At its southern end is the famous Mardalsfossen waterfall, the highest in northern Europe. When we visited in 1990 we had to take a ferry to the southern end of the lake but, depressingly, a road was being built along the lake's eastern shore.

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As we wanted to see several different areas based on Åndalsnes, and the weather being fairly changeable during our visit, we restricted ourselves to several short backpacking trips instead of one or two long ones.

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