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I became interested in photography in my late teens, at the same time as I started outdoor activities, starting off with a Halina Paulette 35mm camera.  I used to click away merrily without much thought to composition, eventually accumulating hundreds of colour slides, most of which were absolute rubbish. Once I started on black & white and began printing my own photographs, I very soon realised that things would have to improve if I wasn't to spend hours in the darkroom printing this absolute rubbish.

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I began to think a bit more, looking around for different viewpoints etc., and trying to visualise the end result before pressing the shutter, and results quickly improved.  I progressed to my first SLR camera, a Practika Nova (which I still have), then a second-hand Pentax Spotmatic.  After this was stolen I bought my first Olympus OM1, and I've stuck to these excellent cameras ever since for 35mm work.  In recent years I've used a Bronica SQ outfit (6x6cm) for most of my monochrome work.

Update, June 2014. I stopped using film a long while ago and now use Nikon D300 (D7200 since Aug 2015) and a D200 for timelapse photography.

Here is a selection of my favourites that I've taken over the years - hope you like them.  I will change or add to these on an irregular basis, check the What's New page.

mono-01-t.jpg  mono-02-t.jpg  mono-03-t.jpg  mono-04-t.jpg  mono-05-t.jpg  mono-06-t.jpg  mono-07-t.jpg 

mono-08-t.jpg  mono-09-t.jpg  mono-10-t.jpg  mono-11-t.jpg  mono-12-t.jpg  mono-16-t.jpg  mono-13-t.jpg 

mono-17-t.jpg  mono-18-t.jpg  mono-14-t.jpg  mono-15-t.jpg  mono-19-t.jpg  mono-20-t.jpg  mono-21-t.jpg 

mono-22-t.jpg  mono-23-t.jpg  mono-24-t.jpg  mono-25-t.jpg  mono-26-t.jpg  mono-27-t.jpg  mono-28-t.jpg 

mono-29-t.jpg  mono-30-t.jpg  mono-31-t.jpg  mono-32-t.jpg  mono-33-t.jpg  mono-34-t.jpg  mono-35-t.jpg  mono-36-t.jpg 

mono-37-t.jpg  mono-38-t.jpg  mono-39-t.jpg  mono-40-t.jpg  mono-41-t.jpg  mono-42t.jpg  mono-43t.jpg  mono-44t.jpg 

mono45t.jpg  mono46t.jpg  mono47t.jpg  mono48t.jpg  mono49t.jpg  mono50t.jpg  mono51t.jpg 

mono52t.jpg  mono53t.jpg  mono54t.jpg  mono55t.jpg  mono56t.jpg  mono57t.jpg 

mono58t.jpg  mono59t.jpg  mono60t.jpg  mono61t.jpg 

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