Library Walk Link

This glazed space, designed by Ian Simpson Architects (now SimpsonHaugh and Partners), provides an entrance to both the Town Hall extension and the Central Library, as well as a link between the two buildings.  It proved highly controversial because of the design, the cost (3.5 million), and the fact that, together with the new gates at the other end of Library Walk, the right of way will be closed overnight.  It was described by one writer as "A dark and grim intrusion in the supremely elegant space of Library Walk." and was nominated for the 2015 Carbuncle Cup Award.

The Glazed Link rises approx. 7.9 m and measures approx. 10.6 m x 20.5 m.  The roof is made of welded stainless steel and features a mirror polished soffit built in a highly curved cloud shape.  It is supported by a circumferential glass wall which consists of 26 laminated glass elements (13 single curved, 13 flat).

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SimpsonHaugh and Partners