The Beetham Tower

The Beetham Tower

Also known as the Hilton Tower, the Beetham Tower is a landmark 47-storey skyscraper in Manchester city centre and is the tallest building in Manchester by a significant margin.  Built in 2006, it is named after the developers, Beetham Organization, and was designed by Ian Simpson who lives in the top penthouse  It consists of a Hilton Hotel up to level 23 and apartments from level 25 up to the triplex penthouse on the top floor, level 47.

It is 168.87 metres (554 ft) in height, making it the tallest building in the UK outside of London, the UK's 7th tallest building and the tallest residential development in Europe.  In comparison, the UK's tallest building, One Canada Square, is 235 metres (771 ft) tall.  The 23rd floor is deeper than those below by 4m, and has two glass windows in the floor, offering views down to the ground from the skybar Cloud 23.  The floor also has a bar and lounge.

This view is from Castlefield Basin.

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