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The Wirral, Cheshire

22 March 23  Bird (and people) watching on the Wirral.  Sunny.

Parkgate Marsh at the RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands at Neston on the river Dee estuary is a vast saltmarsh
beside the former seaside promenade.  On a tide of 10m or higher around the spring and autumn, the vast
saltmarsh can be completely inundated, flushing small mammals from the grasses sparking a feeding frenzy
for birds of prey, and also a feeding frenzy of bird watchers!

The church of St. Thomas, Mostyn Square, Parkgate, near Neston.

Overdee and Gray Walls, a grade II listed house on the Parade, Parkgate.

The Old Watch House at Parkgate.
From 1799 to 1828 this small cottage was leased by the Customs service,
who used it to keep an eye on local shipping at a time when smuggling
was prevalent in the area.  It is now a private house.

This slipway on which the boat stands was the northern extremity of the original
section of the sea wall, when completed about 1810. It was a great centre of activity
when used by local fishermen to land their catches at high tide.

The tide is now racing in.

High tide at Parkgate.

What's the collective noun for a gathering of bird watchers?

This one couldn't care less.

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